Why should my baby see a chiropractor?

chiropractic care for babiesAs chiropractors we are known for adjusting the spine, with a variety of techniques. When it comes to babies, bones are easy to move, it requires little more than some light pressure with one or two fingers to adjust a baby. There is no ‘cracking’ and there are no fast adjustment movements as may be required with older spines. We most commonly describe the force of the adjustment as eyeball pressure; or the amount of pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. As we know some parents may be tentative we will always offer to demonstrate the force used on parents so you will be aware of what is involved and can have peace of mind that it is a very gentle force used on your child. It is also nice for both parent and child if the parent can be involved in their care in one way or another, this may involve the child resting on a parents chest while they lie on the table or giving some gentle exercise for the parent to do with their baby at home.