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Chiropractic for Babies

Why should my baby see a chiropractor?

Birth is the first trauma we experience in our lives. It doesn’t matter if a baby is born naturally or with a c-section, all births are traumatic on the baby. There is pulling, suction and many other forces placed on this small being as they enter the world. Think of yourself as an adult and imagine someone putting a vacuum to your head or trying to pull you through a space your not quite small enough to fit through. It’s safe to say you wouldn’t feel too great afterwards.

Well it’s no different for a baby, the major difference is the baby is made of more malleable bones than we adults are. This means it’s easier to bend them and change the structure of these bones, hence some babies heads appear strange shapes at birth. As with adults if infants spines are not properly aligned then the nervous system will be under some degree of stress. This can lead to signs such as frequent crying, irritability, poor sleeping and many more.

From the above information it makes sense to get your baby checked as early as possible to make sure they grow and develop with a healthy functioning spine and nervous system.

What happens when I take my baby to the chiropractor?

As chiropractors we are known for adjusting the spine, with a variety of techniques. When it comes to babies as stated above that bones are easy to move, it requires little more than some light pressure with one or two fingers to adjust a baby. There is no high velocity movements as may be required with older spines. We most commonly describe the force of the adjustment as eye ball pressure. As we know some parents may be tentative we will always offer to demonstrate the force used on parents so you will be aware of what is involved and can have piece of mind that it is a very gentle force used on your child. It is also nice for both parent and child if the parent can be involved in their care in one way or another, this may involve the child resting on a parents chest while they lie on the table or giving some gentle exercise for the parent to do with their baby at home.

If you would like to get your child checked by one of our chiropractors or have any questions you would like to ask them, give the team a call on 8364 2600.