What are the benefits of chiropractic care for athletes?

It doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete or weekend amateur; the chances are if you play sport, you do it out of enjoyment. Getting injured or not being able to play to your potential can take the fun out of your chosen sport.

Chiropractic aims to remove interference in the nervous system through adjusting the spine to optimise function. By optimising your potential, chances are you will perform better and are less likely to pick up those annoying preventable injuries.

How does this happen?

Nerves control all joints and muscles. If the information being relayed between brain and muscle for example isn’t right, our chances of injuries increase. A Chiropractic adjustment is targeted to a specific joint in order to restore function and allow the affected nerve to optimise its communication with the brain.

Will chiropractic also help with recovery?

It can.

There are two ways to think about it.

One is how we recover after playing. Playing any sport involves lots of repetitive movements (micro trauma). When something is done repeatedly the joints and muscles react, muscles get micro tears, which heal over time; hence repetition at the gym builds muscle through the healing process. Chiropractic helps this process by restoring proper function to the nervous system so it can tell the body what it needs to do to recover.

The second way we can help recovery is after an injury. When we are injured we often form compensatory patterns in our body in order to function the best we can while injured. These patterns can often lead to other aches and pains at sites distant to the original injury. Chiropractors aim to locate the cause, and control these patterns of compensation, while allowing the body to heal itself.  The result is a body with less layers of compensation.

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