About Us

The Right Practice For Family Wellness

We believe that your family’s health is paramount, and that you will experience the best results if you find a chiropractic office where you can trust with full confidence the high quality care and advice you and your family are receiving. We strive to create a warm, welcoming environment, and encourage all of our patients to ask questions.

Our passion is Optimizing Each Individual's Spinal Function and Empowering Families to Live Wellness and Prevention Lifestyles. For this reason, we love to study and attend seminars to continually improve our knowledge and skills so we can best serve our patients and our families. This is how we create our recommendations for improving your family’s health – we ask ourselves, ‘what would I recommend if you were my brother, sister, parent, or my child?”

Our Family Chiropractors

Dr. Nathaniel Thorpe, Family Chiropractor

Originally from the Adelaide hills, I have spent the past 6 and a half years away, most recently returning from practicing in Mount Gambier. My own journey into chiropractic began at 6 years of age. I continued to reap the benefits of chiropractic with my family through the several growth spurts of my teenage years and into my adulthood. I can't imagine my life without chiropractic. It has kept my ability to play soccer for the Unley Rangers to this day, without relying on pain medication like so many of my teammates.

I use a variety of chiropractic techniques to suit the situation best. Mostly, I use manual techniques (Diversified and Gonstead) which I modify from firm to very gentle according to the individual case. I also use Activator, and SOT techniques. Exercise is a part of the health puzzle that I guide individuals in and encourage greatly.

It is my belief that everyone from young to old deserves to function at their best.

Special Clinical Interests

Sports Chiropractic

  • Sports injury rehab
  • Sports performance

Older Adults (50+) and related management and prevention of:

  • Osteoarthritis (joint health)
    • Neck (and associated headaches)
    • Low Back
    • Hip
  • Osteoporosis (bone density)

Dr Brett Hill, Family Chiropractor

Dr Brett is a chiropractor, wellness author and co-host of Australia’s #1 health and wellness podcast show The Wellness Guys. Not only does he have over a decade of experience as a Chiropractor and many hours post graduate education, he has also had the privilege of interviewing many of the biggest and brightest thought leaders on health and wellness in the world. Brett has a wealth of knowledge gleaned from names such as Dr John Demartini, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Bruce Lipton, Paul Chek, Pete Evans and Byron Katie just to name a few and loves to share this knowledge with his practice members.

Dr Brett utilizes a number of Chiropractic techniques in his practice especially the gentler SOT and Activator methods. Many people choose to see us Dr Brett because they prefer these gentler methods and we see a lot of pregnant ladies and children as a result.

When I’m not practicing you can find me on the soccer pitch, walking the dogs or experimenting in the kitchen. As a result of my experiences, my clinical interests are sports chiropractic and family care.