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Chiropractic Care for the Management of Osteoarthritis

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, more commonly referred to as simply arthritis, occurs when degeneration occurs in our bodies. Degeneration impacts our body’s ability to function at our best. Meaning we are getting feelings such as stiffness, aches or pains in the affected areas. Common areas affected by arthritis are spinal joints, hips, knees, and the joints of our hands and feet.

How does chiropractic help with managing arthritis symptoms?

1. Restoration of joint function through a variety of techniques, ranging from manual adjustments, to lower force techniques.

a. The aim here is to ‘grease up the hinges’.  This inturn removes stress off of your nervous system, which will further improve your body’s overall health.

2. Education:

a. Exercises to optimise joint function
b. Nutrition to minimise inflammation and optimise your function

Improving function means joints are able to move better.

When this happens we notice less aches or pains.

Can arthritis be reversed?

Unfortunately degeneration cannot be reversed; it is your body’s way of providing stability to weak or unstable joints. This underlying issue of stability may well have been present for many years, following an injury that seemed innocuous at the time or following many years of repetitive activities and postures including prolonged sitting.

You may wonder “Could I have prevented this?” and “Can I stop it from progressing?”

The answer to both is YES.

If you create good function from an early age and maintain that function with regular check-ups with your chiropractor, the degenerative process can be far less of an issue later in life than if you were to live life with less than optimal function.


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