Chiropractic care can manage many of the aches and pains associated with aging without resorting to expensive prescription drugs or surgery. Watch the video below, or browse our articles to learn more about chiropractic treatment solutions for seniors.

Chiropractic for Falls Prevention in the Aging Population

Falls account for 40% of hospital visits due to injury in Australia according to the Australian institute of health and wellness. Most of these occur in over 65 year olds.

Falls can be caused by many things from a simple stumble on uneven paving to sudden loss of balance or equilibrium.

How can chiropractic help with falls prevention?

Chiropractic’s main premise is to allow the nervous system to express itself to its maximum potential. Maximum potential means our body has as much control over itself as possible.

There are nerves in our bodies that control our awareness of joints in space and time (proprioceptors). These nerves can be found in large densities in joints and ligaments. When the information these nerves send to the brain is insufficient, the brain gets confused with what instructions it needs to send back to the muscles that control the joints.  This confusion can lead to our brain thinking the joint is somewhere it is not, and then we fall.

For example if your brain thinks your foot is about to hit the floor while walking when it is actually 10cm above the ground we shift our weight onto that foot in preparation for landing. If that foot is delayed in the action the brain is anticipating, and we have shifted our weight forward we are then likely to fall forward.

Chiropractic adjustments allow for the signals between brain and joint and vice versa to function at their best. Therefore the likelihood of falls is significantly reduced as our body has greater awareness and control of where its joints are.

If the number of falls can be reduced in someone’s lifetime, it reduces the risk of injuries such as scaphoid (wrist), humeral (shoulder) or femoral (hip) fractures which can lead to significant disability in elderly people.



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