How does a chiropractor care for a child? Is it different than with adults??

Starting with the examination process, there are some tests the chiropractor will perform with your child that may vary depending on their age and development, that are not relevant to adults.
With manual techniques the force used is always adapted to the person being adjusted. So it makes sense that a child will require less force than an adult. For example it requires more force to adjust someone that weights 100kg and is stiff, than it will to adjust a flexible person who weighs 60kg. therefore when adjusting children we always take care to alter the force to a safe and suitable level for your child. See the Chiropractic for Babies page to learn about how we care for infants.

We will always demonstrate the force on the parent first if they would like peace of mind. Obviously for older children and adolescence the chiropractor will show them what is about to happen and make sure both they and the parent are comfortable before adjusting. As with adults, there are many techniques that can be used to adjust your child’s spine, your chiropractor will recommend the technique they have determined will be most beneficial to your child.