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Dr. Jonathan (Chiropractor) provides evidence based, holistic chiropractic care to everyone! Passionate in a multitude of areas, he works with families and individuals of all ages and all backgrounds.

New Patients Welcome

Becoming a client with us is simple and straightforward. On arrival, our Chiropractic Assistants Renee and Jodie will greet you with a warm welcome. After filling out your initial paperwork, you will meet Dr. Jonathan for your first consultation.

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First Appointment

During your initial consultation, the chiropractor will discuss your health history, current well-being, and desired state of health. After getting to know you better, a non-invasive physical examination will be performed which may include chiropractic, orthopaedic, and neurological testing. This will assist in collecting as much information regarding your concerns as possible to understand your current condition more clearly.

If further investigation is required, such as X-rays, we have nearby partners who we refer you to for those images. Findings from your examination appointment will be discussed in detail at your second visit, along with recommendations for your care.

Second Appointment

At your second visit, your chiropractor will explain their findings from your first appointment and allow time for you to ask any questions. A unique management plan of care will be discussed with you prior to you receiving your first adjustment.

Subsequent Appointments

From your third visit the appointment times are shorter as you will only be attending for an adjustment rather than a full assessment. We perform regular progress examinations approximately every 10 visits to monitor progress, improvements and allow for changes to the management plans.

Be sure to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and concerns throughout each visit with Dr. Jonathan so that he can accommodate you in any way.

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Your health is entirely up to you! We are here to listen to your concerns and assist you on achieving your health goals. While ongoing visits are not required to use our services, they have be known to encourage the most significant change.

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