Why Choose Us? Here Are 6 Reasons:

1. Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
2. We Empower You With Knowledge
3. Prevent Future Relapses With Lasting Results
4. Child Friendly Environment
5. Diversity of Techniques
6. You Are In Control Of Your Care Decisions

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What We Help People With:

Moving Better - Improving performance in sport or simply day to day life.
Family Chiropractic Care - from baby to grandparent

Back Pain
Hip Pain
Wellness Care

Our Job As A Chiropractor:

1. Find the Cause Of The Problem
By performing a detailed history and physical exam of the spine. Ordering for special tests if required, such as X-Rays.

2. Give You Our Best Recommendation To Get Relief, Recover, And Achieve Your Goals.
Whether that is to start chiropractic care or see a different health professional that would give you better results. We are interested in helping you get better; not helping ourselves.



We are easily found in Burnside, East Adelaide, near the corner of Greenhill Rd and Glynburn Rd on your way to or from the Adelaide Hills.

Give us a call at (08) 8364 2600 to see how we can help you or Book an appointment online below!